Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) Classes by Hafiz Ahmed | Digiskills 2.0

Here are the video lectures (1 to 174) of the Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) course by Digiskills 2.0. To watch these video lectures by Hafiz Ahmed click the play video.

1Introduction to Amazon Virtual Assistant: What is VA (Virtual Assistant)?
2Introduction to Amazon Virtual Assistant: Income Opportunities in Amazon World as an Investor
3Introduction to Amazon: What is Amazon?
4Introduction to Amazon: Understanding of Amazon from a Business Perspective
5Introduction to Amazon: Why we choose Amazon vs other Online Marketplaces
6Amazon Business Models: Amazon FBM VS FBA
7Amazon Business Models: Wholesale and Private Labeling
8Amazon Business Models: Advantages and Disadvantages of each Model
9Product Research for PL & Wholesale: The Importance of Winning Product
10Product Research for PL & Wholesale: Understanding What to sell on Amazon?
11Amazon ID Creation: Required Documents for ID Creation
12Amazon ID Creation: Step by step Guide for ID Creation
13Amazon ID Creation: What is Child Account and its ID Creation?
14Interpretations to Product Research Tools: How to Hunt a Product (General idea about Tools)
15Interpretations to Product Research Tools: Understanding of Helium 10
16Interpretations to Product Research Tools: Understanding of Helium 10
17Interpretations to Product Research Tools: Understanding of Jungle Scout
18Interpretations to Product Research Tools: Understanding of Google trend for Seasonality Checking
19Interpretations to Product Research Tools: Understanding of KEEPA
20Ideas for Product Hunting: Minus String Formula
21Ideas for Product Hunting: Alibaba.com
22Ideas for Product Hunting: Amz Suggestion Expander
23Ideas for Product Hunting: By Spying on Brands
24Ideas for Product Hunting: Through Amazon Categories Tabs
25Ideas for Product Hunting: Ali Express, Walmart
26Product Hunting via Blackbox: Hunting through Best Seller Rank(BSR)
27Product Hunting via Blackbox: Hunting through Keyword
28Product Hunting via Blackbox: Hunting through Custom Filters
29Product and Niche Analysis: How to evaluate Product Design Consistency
30Product and Niche Analysis: How to evaluate Niche Demand and Listing Stability
31Product and Niche Analysis: Product Demand and Keyword Search Volume Analysis
32Keyword Research: How to get Keywords for a Product
33Keyword Research: Understanding of Main Keyword
34Keyword Research: How to find Main Keyword
35Keyword Research: Understanding of Super Relevant Keyword
36Keyword Research: Understanding of Semi Relevant Keyword
37Product Research criteria: Product Hunting Criteria for USA
38Product Research criteria: Product Hunting Criteria for UK and other Market
39Product Research criteria: Hunting Criteria for UAE & Gulf
40Competitor Analysis: Competitor Selection
41Competitor Analysis: Market Price Analysis
42Competitor Analysis: Negative Review
43Competitor Analysis: Inventory Planning
44Sourcing and Logistics: Alibaba Signup and Overview
45Sourcing and Logistics: Vetting Suppliers on Alibaba 5 tips
46Sourcing and Logistics: How to Contact Suppliers using Appropriate Methods
47Sourcing and Logistics: How to send Request For Quotation (RFQ) on Alibaba
48Sourcing and Logistics: What is Trade Assurance
49Sourcing and Logistics: Understanding Shipping Methods and Incoterms
50Sourcing and Logistics: Contacting Freight Forwarders for Shipment
51Sourcing and Logistics: How to Negotiate with Suppliers
52Sourcing and Logistics: How to place Order with a Supplier on Alibaba
53Sourcing and Logistics: How to find USA Suppliers
54Sourcing and Logistics: How to do Sourcing from Thomas Net
55Sourcing and Logistics: How to do Sample Evaluation
56Sourcing and Logistics: What is Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
57Sourcing and Logistics: What is Landing Cost & How to Evaluate it
58Sourcing and Logistics: What is Lead Time & How to Evaluate it
59Sourcing and Logistics: What is Proforma Invoice
60Sourcing and Logistics: Understanding the term Bill of Lading (BOL)
61Sourcing and Logistics: Difference between Actual and Dimensional Weight
62Sourcing and Logistics: Product Inspection
63Sourcing and Logistics: Profit Calculation
64Sourcing and Logistics: Agreement with Supplier
65Sourcing and Logistics: Third Party Logistics Service
66Sourcing and Logistics: Reverse Sourcing
67Introduction to Seller Central: Catalogue tab
68Introduction to Seller Central: Inventory tab
69Introduction to Seller Central: Pricing and Orders tab
70Introduction to Seller Central: Advertising Tab
71Introduction to Seller Central: Help and Case Handling
72Introduction to Seller Central: Reports Tabs
73Introduction to Seller Central: Creating MCF (Multi Channel Fulfilment)
74All about Amazon Listing: Understanding Amazon Listings
75All about Amazon Listing: Pre
76All about Amazon Listing: How to buy UPC from GS1
77All about Amazon Listing: What is error 5665 and How to fix it
78All about Amazon Listing: How to create a Listing on Amazon
79All about Amazon Listing: Understanding title, bullet points and product descriptions
80All about Amazon Listing: Vine Program for Reviews Building
81All about Amazon Listing: Backend search terms for a list
82All about Amazon Listing: Amazon EBC / A+ Content
83All about Amazon Listing: How to add Variations
84All about Amazon Listing: Dummy Listing
85All about Amazon Listing: Suppressed Listings
86All about Amazon Listing: Me Too Listing
87Shipping Plan creation: Checklist before creating a Shipment Plan
88Shipping Plan creation: How to create Shipment Plan
89Advertising on Amazon: What is Amazon PPC?
90Advertising on Amazon: Types of Advertising Campaigns
91Advertising on Amazon: Amazon Auto Campaign
92Advertising on Amazon: Manual Campaign (Keyword targeting and product targeting)
93Advertising on Amazon: Sponsored Video Ad
94Advertising on Amazon: Sponsored Display Ads
95Advertising on Amazon: What is Buy Box & Its Benefits
96Advertising on Amazon: Eligibility of Buy Box
97Advertising on Amazon: How to win Buy Box
98Product Analysis of Wholesale Business: Profitability Calculator
99Product Analysis of Wholesale Business: Amazon New and Old Seller Account
100Product Analysis of Wholesale Business: Account Opening with Brand or Distributor
101Product Analysis of Wholesale Business: Product Listing Analysis
102Product Analysis of Wholesale Business: Criteria for Selection of Product
103How to create Advertising Campaign: Understanding of PPC Report
104How to create Advertising Campaign: How to Optimize the PPC Campaign Part
105How to create Advertising Campaign: How to Optimize the PPC Campaign Part
106Lightning Deals: What is Lightning Deals?
107Lightning Deals: How to get Lightning Deal
108Lightning Deals: Digital Coupon
109Lightning Deals: How to get Digital Coupon
110Lightning Deals: Understanding of Giveaways
111Introduction to Trademark and Brand Registry: What is Trademark
112Introduction to Trademark and Brand Registry: Understanding of Brand Registry
113Introduction to Trademark and Brand Registry: Benefits of Brand Registry
114Taxation: Taxation Rules in Pakistan, UK and USA
115Launch & Rank: How to create a Deal
116Launch & Rank: What is a Launch
117Launch & Rank: What is Ranking
118Launch & Rank: Different Methods of Launch and Rank
119Launch & Rank: PPC Launch
120Launch & Rank: What is Amazon Feedback
121Review building Strategies: The use of Captain AMZ
122Review building Strategies: How to contact buyer who left Negative Feedback through SC
123Introduction to Sellerboard: How to Integrate Child Account with Seller Central
124All about Reporting to Client: How to generate Return Report
125All about Reporting to Client: How to open Case with Amazon
126All about Reporting to Client: How to generate Business Report
127All about Reporting to Client: How to generate Payment Report
128All about Reporting to Client: How to generate Advertising Report
129Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: Concept of Freelancing
130Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: How to Communicate with a Foreign Client
131Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: What to Charge the Client
132Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: Understanding complete A to Z Process
133Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: What is Fiverr and Upwork
134Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: How to get Payment from Freelancing Platform (Payoneer) and Direct Bank
135Working as a VA on Upwork and other Platforms: Platforms other than Freelance Marketplaces: Facebook, LinkedIn and Others
136General Amazon related Knowledge: Ungating Product Categories
137General Amazon related Knowledge: Useful Tips for New FBA Sellers
138General Amazon related Knowledge: How to Calculate Value of Your Dead Listings
139General Amazon related Knowledge: Amazon Shipping Partner
140General Amazon related Knowledge: FBA Revenue Calculator
141General Amazon related Knowledge: Potential and Scope of Leather Products on Amazon
142General Amazon related Knowledge: How to choose Your Business Model
143General Amazon related Knowledge: Business Ethics
144eBay Dropshipping: What is Dropshipping
145eBay Dropshipping: Benefits of Dropshipping
146eBay Dropshipping: Types of Dropshipping listings
147eBay Dropshipping: Product Hunting, Listing, SEO
148eBay Dropshipping: Targeted platforms for USA
149eBay Dropshipping: Targeted platforms for UK
150Introduction to Daraz.pk: Introduction to Daraz.pk
151Introduction to Daraz.pk: Daraz.pk as Earning Platform
152Proxy Marketing: What is Proxy Marketing
153External Traffic: What is External Traffic
154External Traffic: Benefits of External Traffic
155External Traffic: Types of External Traffic
156Amazon FBM Model: What is VVRO (Very Very Real Order)
157Amazon FBM Model: Advantages and Disadvantages of FBM model
158Amazon FBM Model: Reporting to the Client
159Amazon FBM Model: How to apply for Brand Registration on Amazon
160Amazon FBM Model: How to Increase Visibility on Top Spot on Amazon Search Page
161Amazon FBM Model: Guidelines for Video PPC
162Amazon Dropshipping: Potential Markets for Dropshipping
163Amazon Dropshipping: Basic Tools for Dropshipping
164Amazon Dropshipping: Product Hunting Criteria for Dropshipping
165Amazon Dropshipping: Third
166Amazon Dropshipping: Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping
167Amazon Dropshipping: Product Listing For Dropshipping
168Amazon Dropshipping: Profit Calculation For Dropshipping
169Amazon Dropshipping: Order Processing and Management of Dropshipping
170Amazon Dropshipping: How to check Trademark and Brand Name
171Amazon Dropshipping: Account Health Management
172Amazon Dropshipping: Suspensions, Appeals and Reinstatements
173Behaviour Learning: Moral Values for Freelancers
174Behaviour Learning: Course Overview and How to get Order